The plot thickens in Season 1. Tyrie begins rolling with an eerie melody that sets the tone for the drama. My boy has done it again, crafting a masterpiece that revolves around his life in film. The first song should act as the theme song for this 'Season,' and boy is it a banger! Papi Fuego attempts to stay true to himself and his roots, as he finds himself tempted by the lifestyles of the rich and famous. After a quest for love leaves him questioning his identity ('Who is Hollywood Fuego'), he looks for other vices. Finding that at the bottom of the barrel is a mirror, he is faced with the reality of things. 'I AIN't GOT S'h!t' should be everyone's anthem, as he understands we're all struggling with the same things. His journey of self-discovery causes internal conflict. Hollywood Fuego or Tyrie? He suddenly sees he's been surrounded by a false love, and seeks his one true love, music. 'Cancellation' shows true character development as he realizes, it's not about the show, women, cars, drugs, or money; his music is all that he needs. (4th Wall Break: You know I'm mad about them horns.) But like a true G, he numbs the pain, hustles smart, and pushes through to give you the show. Welcome to 'Season 1.' Stay Tuned.

Seriously, are we watching the same show? I mean, listening to the same album?

Season 1 - Tyrie

20 February, 2020